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Home Insurance Premiums have skyrocketed this year, fueled by the ongoing Home Insurance Crisis in Florida. 

Due to Hurricane Safety Standards changing in 2024, South Florida homes that still have their Roof or Windows over 10 years old are becoming eligible for the Hurricane Safety Program.

Homes in Wind-bourne Debris regions are now eligible to receive assistance with replacing their old Roof or Windows. These upgrades will lower your home insurance premium by 50%. The goal is to provide hurricane safety upgrades for homeowners who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them.

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Hurricane Impact Windows

Upgrade to weather-resistant windows for better home protection and energy efficiency.

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Hurricane Impact Doors

Enhance home safety with impact-graded doors designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

Wind Resistant Roofing

Secure your home with roofing materials built to resist strong winds and heavy rains.

Lower Your home insurance by up to 50%

Avoid major increases in your premium or being dropped from your policy.

$0 Down Payment

Start your hurricane safety project immediately with no upfront costs.

No Credit or Income Required

Qualify regardless of your current income or credit status.

Minimal Out-of-pocket Cost

Have your savings on home insurance pay for your hurricane safety projects.

Increase Property Value

These improvements make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Impact Window Installation

About The Program

The “Hurricane Safety Program” is a unique initiative aimed at fortifying homes in Florida against the devastating effects of hurricanes. Recognizing the financial challenges and rising home insurance premiums homeowners are facing, we’ve designed the program to be as accessible and affordable as possible.

With $0 down and no credit requirements, we remove typical financial barriers right from the start. The program delivers necessary upgrades like wind-resistant roofing and impact windows and doors. This guarantees the safety and durability of your home during extreme weather conditions.

While the immediate safety benefits are clear, these improvements ensure substantial long-term financial savings. By enhancing your home’s resilience against harsh weather, you can potentially lower your home insurance premiums by up to 50% and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. That means more money saved over time.

Join us in creating safer, more resilient homes, while easing financial stress. That’s what the Hurricane Safety Program is all about.


No, this program is not free. However, in most cases, the cost is covered if you qualify. We leverage the savings on your home insurance premiums resulting from roof/window replacements to help offset the project’s expenses. Our goal is to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

While this program is not directly operated by the government, it is designed to meet government-approved safety standards for hurricane protection. Our program aligns with the latest regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety and security of your home.

In most cases, if you qualify, the cost is covered by utilizing the savings on your home insurance premiums. When you replace your roof/windows, your home insurance premiums can decrease, and we help ensure those savings cover the cost of the project. This way, most homeowners don’t end up paying anything more than they are used to.

Home insurance is highly recommended, especially in areas prone to hurricanes like Florida. Not having insurance coverage can leave you vulnerable to significant losses. Our program focuses on securing your home against hurricane damage, and we will help you obtain appropriate coverage for the best possible safety and protection.

The cost of a new roof/windows varies depending on factors such as the size of your home, the materials used, and other specific requirements. We offer personalized assessments to provide a solution tailored to your needs. Our goal is to find a method that fits your budget and provides the most safety and value.

Absolutely! Our program is designed to accommodate homeowners on fixed incomes. We understand the financial challenges and aim to make the program accessible to as many qualified individuals as possible. We provide tailored solutions that align with your specific circumstances, ensuring you can benefit from the program.

Having shutters is beneficial and adds an extra layer of protection. However, current building codes now require impact windows for improved safety and energy efficiency. Our program focuses on helping homeowners meet these updated standards. We can assess your situation and discuss the best options available to enhance your home’s hurricane resilience.

If your roof/windows are already new, that’s great! However, our program focuses on enhancing your home’s hurricane safety and bringing it up to the latest code requirements. We can assess your current situation and discuss additional measures or improvements that can further protect your home.

Florida's Home Insurance Crisis

The crisis in the Florida insurance market

Florida’s home insurance situation is getting tough. Over the past few years, many insurance companies have closed down or left the state, making it harder for homeowners to find affordable insurance. This is partly because of extra costs these companies are having to pay when other companies go bust, which the remaining insurance companies need to cover.

Another big reason for this tough situation is Florida’s weather. It’s often hit by hurricanes that can cause a lot of damage, and that makes it a risky place for insurance companies. They worry about having to pay out too much in claims, especially when roofs get old and are more likely to get damaged.

Some insurance companies are staying, but they’re being very picky about who they insure. They don’t want to insure homes with old roofs, and they’re worried about fraudulent claims, especially after a big storm. 

What can you do in this tough situation? Keep your home in good shape. Regularly check your roof and fix small issues before they become big ones. Consider replacing your roof if it’s close to 15 years old. Install features that can help protect your home from wind damage. Keeping your property maintained and safe will make it more attractive to insurance companies.

Homeowner Testimonials

"Through the Hurricane Safety Program, I was able to secure my home with impact windows and doors, and it didn't cost me a fortune. My home is now better equipped to face extreme weather, and the fact that my insurance premiums dropped significantly is just the cherry on top. This program is a game-changer!"
Willie Brown, Port St. Lucie FL
"I was skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I joined the Hurricane Safety Program. The process was hassle-free, and the team was very professional. They replaced my old roof with a wind-resistant one, and my home insurance premiums went down by 40%. A real win-win situation!"
Gloria De Armas, Miramar FL
"I highly recommend the Hurricane Safety Program to every homeowner in Florida. They provide top-quality services and genuinely care about their clients. The financial benefits I've experienced since upgrading my home have been significant, and I've found real peace of mind knowing my home is better protected against hurricanes."
Belmy Jean Pierre, Miami FL


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Hurricane Season is here.
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Please be aware that if no action is taken, your insurance premium will continue to rise. 

The potential loss from a hurricane can be far greater than the small expense required to bring your home up to code.

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